Karen Ruby is in Sioux Falls at the Sioux Empire Arts and Craft Show

  Our photographer, Karen Ruby, will be attending this year’s Sioux Empire Arts and Crafts Show in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. You can check out her new artwork, as well as past favorites, this Friday […]

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Karen Introduces New Artwork for 2016 Holiday Tour

Today, Karen Ruby announced the beginning of her annual tour for showcasing her photography and artwork. During her tour of art and craft shows across the Midwest and Northern Plains of the United States, Karen […]

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The Badlands of South Dakota

I don’t frequently travel to the other end of the state, and when I do, am usually limited on time. ┬áRecently, however, I took time to spend a few days in the Badlands to explore, […]

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Limited Time

I just realized how long it has been since I’ve posted anything. ┬áI have had limited time for my business, as I was hired by Gene McGowan with McGowan Capital Group as an Office Manager […]

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Commercial Job

Things are looking great for my photography business!  I’m pleased as we just finished our taxes, and we are definitely growing as more and more people see my artwork. Also, a received an order for […]

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Grand Tetons

I’ve finally worked on some of my photography from our trip last year to the Tetons.  I find the park to be an inspiring place.  I enjoyed the serenity of the mornings when I woke […]

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Black Swallowtails in South Dakota

Last year, my son and I raised some Monarch butterflies, but were unable to do so this year since they were very scarce!  I understand that with the late spring and cold start of our […]

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‘Majestic Falls’ Installed as a Wall Mural

I received a phone call from the owner of Cliff Hangers Gallery, who sells the metallic version of ‘Majestic Falls’, to let me know that a graphic design company was inquiring into purchasing the rights […]

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Sertoma Butterfly House in Sioux Falls

My son Logan and I have been volunteering at the Sertoma Butterfly House since the beginning of the year!  We’ve learned so much and enjoy the delight (and sometimes fear) on visitor’s faces!  Of course, […]

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